Humayun Saeed Selected Over Seven Actors from Pakistan and India to Portray Dr. Hasnat in ‘The Crown’

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Humayun Saeed Selected Over Seven Actors from Pakistan and India to Portray Dr. Hasnat in 'The Crown'

In a recent revelation on The Knock Knock Show, hosted by Mohib Mirza, actor Humayun Saeed shared the gripping tale of earning his role as Dr. Hasnat Khan in the Netflix series The Crown. Saeed delved into the audition process, highlighting the significance of auditions in determining an actor’s suitability for a role.

Mirza, astounded by the fact that Saeed had to audition for The Crown, portrayed it as an extraordinary event. However, Saeed affirmed that auditioning is a standard procedure for actors and an essential aspect of the casting process. He recounted the mix of excitement and anxiety he felt during the auditions, expressing his disbelief at being considered for the role.

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As a fan of The Crown, Saeed found the opportunity surreal and admitted to not foreseeing a Pakistani being cast as Dr. Hasnat. Despite initial reservations, he approached the audition with dedication. Saeed revealed that casting directors, even after doing their homework, wanted to assess his on-screen portrayal of Dr. Hasnat. Despite initial doubts, he went through the audition sincerely, leading to his shortlisting.

Saeed disclosed that he, along with four others, was shortlisted from a group of eight actors approached from both India and Pakistan. After performing another scene, he received the news of being selected for the iconic role, marking a significant milestone in his career. Saeed’s journey from auditioning to portraying Dr. Hasnat underscores the importance of auditions in presenting actors with new challenges and opportunities.

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