Imran Khan Mourns the Loss of Uncle Javed Zaman Khan

Web DeskDecember 25, 2023
Imran Khan Mourns the Loss of Uncle Javed Zaman Khan

The city of Lahore mourns the loss of Javed Zaman Khan, a revered figure in both cricketing circles and the city’s institutions. Javed Zaman Khan, not just the uncle of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s founder, Imran Khan, but also a former cricketer of great repute, bid his final farewell on a somber Sunday afternoon at his residence located in Zaman Park.

His impact transcended the boundaries of familial ties; Javed Zaman Khan played a pivotal role in shaping Imran Khan’s cricketing career. More than a mere uncle, he stood as a guiding force and mentor throughout Imran Khan’s journey in the cricketing realm.

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However, Javed Zaman Khan’s influence stretched far beyond the cricket pitch. He held a distinguished position within Lahore’s institutional framework, garnering widespread respect and admiration from all quarters of the city. His persona exuded warmth, drawing affection and reverence from everyone fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him.

The passing of Javed Zaman Khan leaves a void not only in the world of cricket but also in the hearts of Lahore’s residents, who remember him for his contributions and his amiable nature. His legacy remains a testament to his impactful presence within the cricketing fraternity and the broader community of Lahore.

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