Imran Khan’s 14-day Judicial Remand Sanctioned In 9 May Cases

Web DeskJanuary 11, 2024
Imran Khan's 14-day Judicial Remand Sanctioned In 9 May Cases

The Anti-Terrorism Court in Islamabad has granted a 14-day judicial remand for former Pakistani Prime Minister and PTI founder, Imran Khan, in connection with the events that unfolded on May 9. This turbulent period witnessed violent protests targeting sensitive state and military installations, with supporters of Imran Khan allegedly involved in the May 9 attacks. The incidents were characterized as an attempt to incite mutiny or civil unrest in a country already grappling with terrorism and financial crises. The aftermath of these events also led to a widespread crackdown against the former ruling party.

During the proceedings, Judge Malik Ijaz Asif presided over the case at Adiala Jail. The Anti-Terrorism Court approved a two-week judicial remand for the ex-prime minister in 12 cases linked to the May 9 riots. Police authorities had requested a 30-day physical remand for Imran Khan, but the court rejected this plea and instead granted a 14-day judicial remand.’

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Advocates Malik Faisal and Sardar Shahbaz Khosa represented Imran Khan during the court proceedings. The decision to impose a judicial remand suggests a significant legal development in the ongoing investigation into the May 9 events. The charges against Imran Khan and the subsequent judicial actions reflect the gravity of the situation, with the court opting for a shorter duration of remand than initially requested by the police.

The approval of the judicial remand indicates that Imran Khan will remain in custody for the specified period while the investigation continues. Legal representatives for Imran Khan will likely play a crucial role in navigating the legal complexities of the case. As the proceedings unfold, the case will be closely watched for any further developments and the potential implications for the political landscape, considering Imran Khan’s stature as a former prime minister and a prominent figure in Pakistani politics.


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