In a significant update, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is set to gain the ability to see, listen, and communicate.

Web DeskSeptember 26, 2023

OpenAI has announced a significant enhancement to ChatGPT, enabling it to “unlock various creative and accessibility-focused applications,” according to a recent blog post. Unlike similar AI services such as Siri, Google Voice Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa, ChatGPT is not tied to specific devices and can assist with tasks like setting alarms, delivering internet-based information, and much more.

Since its debut last year, ChatGPT has found utility across various industries, from summarizing documents to coding, sparking a race among major tech companies to develop their own generative AI solutions.

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The new voice feature of ChatGPT has a wide range of applications, including narrating bedtime stories, resolving dinner table debates, and vocalizing text input provided by users. Spotify is leveraging this technology to help podcasters translate their content into multiple languages.

Furthermore, ChatGPT now supports images, allowing users to capture photos of their surroundings and request the chatbot’s assistance with troubleshooting issues like a non-starting grill, meal planning based on fridge contents, or analyzing complex graphs for work-related data. Google Lens, powered by Alphabet’s Google, is currently a popular choice for extracting information from images.

These new features will roll out to subscribers of ChatGPT’s Plus and Enterprise plans within the next two weeks.

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