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In Conversation with Indresh Malik: Ustaad Ji from Heeramandi

In Conversation with Indresh Malik: Ustaad Ji from Heeramandi

Indresh Malik’s portrayal of Ustaad ji in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar” has captivated audiences, earning praise for its complexity and depth. In an exclusive conversation with The Express Tribune, Indresh reflects on his journey with the project and sheds light on his experience portraying the morally ambiguous character.

Recalling how he was onboarded for the role, Indresh shares that he was initially approached for a small part but immediately felt drawn to the character of Ustaad ji. He expresses gratitude to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the opportunity and highlights the learning experience he gained during the shoot.

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Describing Ustaad ji’s character as complex and layered, Indresh explains that he was intrigued by the character’s background, vulnerability, and inner turmoil. He emphasizes the various shades of courage associated with Ustaad ji’s past, which contributed to his appeal as an actor.

Despite Bhansali’s reputation for being a visionary, Indresh found the director’s passion infectious and believes it played a crucial role in shaping the project. Regarding the debate surrounding the respect for the source material, Indresh acknowledges it as a debatable issue but asserts the artist’s right to express and create.

Amidst the praise and accolades for his performance, Indresh expresses gratitude and credits his directors and colleagues for their support. Looking ahead, he hints at more exciting projects in the pipeline, leaving fans eager to see his future work.

Overall, Indresh Malik’s portrayal of Ustaad ji in “Heeramandi” stands as a testament to his talent and dedication, earning him acclaim and paving the way for promising opportunities in the future.