India Recognizes Babar Azam’s Greatness with New ‘Fab 5’

Web DeskSeptember 9, 2023
India Recognizes Babar Azam's Greatness with New 'Fab 5'

In a significant nod to his exemplary form, Pakistan’s Babar Azam has been finally ushered into the elite “Fab 5” by Star Sports, joining the ranks of modern-day batting greats Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Steve Smith.

Babar’s consistent displays with the bat, marked by elegance and match-winning prowess, have now firmly established him as one of the modern-day cricketing titans. The “Fab 5” acknowledgment comes as a testament to his growing influence in the international arena.

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The elegant Pakistani batsman, known for his sensational cover drives and record-breaking career so far, has consistently displayed top-tier performances, earning accolades globally. Babar’s rise has been meteoric, and this recent acknowledgment underscores his place among the contemporary greats.

Such a distinction doesn’t come easily. Kohli’s aggressive dominance, Williamson’s calm precision, Root’s technical prowess, and Smith’s unorthodox genius have long set the benchmark for batting excellence in this era. Babar, with his exquisite shot-making and temperament, has carved out his own niche, prompting this well-deserved recognition.

With the World Cup 2023 around the corner, cricket aficionados are set for a feast as they witness the “Fab 5” in action, further solidifying this era’s golden age of batting.

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