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Indian BTS Fans Raise INR300,000 for Palestine Support

Indian BTS Fans Raise INR300,000 for Palestine Support

The global fanbase of K-pop sensation BTS, known as the BTS ARMY, has once again demonstrated their commitment to humanitarian causes by rallying support for Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict with Israel.

With over one million Palestinians seeking refuge in Rafah amidst Israel’s attacks, the BTS ARMY has mobilized to provide aid and support. Led by Team ARMY Projects India, fans have donated over INR 300,000 for medical aid in Palestine, showcasing their empathy and solidarity with those enduring the hardships of war.

This act of generosity is just one example of the BTS ARMY’s dedication to making a positive impact on global issues. Fans have also launched campaigns and petitions urging BTS’ label, HYBE, to divest from entities linked to Zionism, aiming to stand in solidarity with Palestine.

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The #HYBEDivestFromZionism campaign, spearheaded by international BTS admirers, reflects the collective efforts of the BTS ARMY in raising awareness and advocating for change. By leveraging their platform and collective influence, fans are amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and demonstrating the power of collective action in addressing humanitarian crises.

As the situation in Palestine continues to unfold, the unwavering support from the BTS ARMY serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity for those affected by the conflict. Through their actions, fans are not only supporting Palestinians in their time of need but also inspiring others to join the fight for justice and equality worldwide.