Indian Flight Makes Emergency Stop in Pakistan

Web DeskDecember 6, 2023
Indian Flight Makes Emergency Stop in Pakistan

A private Indian airline’s commercial flight had to perform an emergency landing at Karachi Airport on Tuesday night.

According to reports from the Civil Aviation Authority as cited in local media, a SpiceJet aircraft heading to Dubai faced a health emergency when a 27-year-old passenger, Dhruv Dharimesh Kumar, fell unconscious due to low blood sugar levels shortly after departing from Ahmedabad to Dubai at 8:38 pm. The pilot, navigating the jet near Karachi over the Arabian Sea, decided to divert to Pakistan’s largest city for an immediate landing.

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Contacting Karachi’s Air Traffic Control, the airline’s captain secured permission to land, swiftly followed by the arrival of a medical team to tend to the ailing passenger.

Medical support was promptly extended to Kumar, stabilizing his condition. Subsequently, the aircraft was refueled, and by around 11 pm on Tuesday, it resumed its flight to Dubai from Karachi.

This marks the second occurrence of an Indian airline necessitating an emergency landing in Pakistan within a few weeks, highlighting the absence of direct flights between the two neighboring countries.

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