Indian Official called Australian man a “terrorist” for Palestine support

Web DeskNovember 20, 2023
Indian Official's called Australian man a "terrorist" for Palestine support

A startling incident unfolded in the aftermath of the World Cup 2023 final, as an Indian BJP secretary targeted an Australian protester, Johnson Wan, with alarming accusations, labeling him a “terrorist” for demonstrating during the #INDvsAUSfinal.

Adding fuel to the fire, the BJP secretary’s tweets took a grave turn, advocating for the demise of 500 alleged “terrorists” – a statement that raised widespread concern and condemnation.

The tensions escalated further as reports surfaced of Indian fans directing threats towards non-Hindu players and the families of the Australian cricket team. This disturbing development emerged following Australia’s resounding victory over India in the World Cup final, clinching the title for an unprecedented sixth time.

The incident has drawn global attention and sparked outrage within and beyond the cricketing community, highlighting the perilous consequences of such inflammatory remarks and hostile actions in the sports arena.

Authorities and cricketing bodies are urged to address these distressing incidents swiftly and take measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in the sport, regardless of nationality or background.

The aftermath of the final match has revealed a distressing undercurrent of hostility, underscoring the imperative for unity and sportsmanship in international sporting events.

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