Inflation rates get higher – When will it stop?

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With an inflation rate of 36.51 percent, those with monthly incomes between Rs17,733 and Rs22,888 have been particularly hard hit by inflation. In this difficult situation, 19 vital items have seen price increases, 12 have seen price decreases, and 20 have seen constant pricing.

The costs of potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, lentil mash, sugar, laundry detergent, beef, mutton, open milk, curd, jaggery, flour, and salt have significantly increased during the last week, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) weekly inflation report. LPG, mung dal, dal masoor, gramme dal, eggs, onions, poultry, and cooking oil prices, on the other hand, have decreased, while the cost of 20 necessities has remained the same.

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The report highlights specific price hikes in key commodities, with sugar prices increasing by 4.24 percent, jaggery by 2.42 percent, flour by 1.79 percent, curd by 1.59 percent, dal mash by 1.25 percent, garlic by 1.15 percent, and raw milk by 1.08 percent.

Meanwhile, during the same period, LPG prices rose by 4.14 percent, lentil prices by 0.42 percent, onion prices by 7.56 percent, egg prices by 4.86 percent, and vegetable ghee by 1.36 percent. However, prices of mung dal fell by 2.04 percent, dal chana by 1.46 percent, and mustard oil by 0.75 percent.

The statistics also reveal that, on an annual basis, the inflation rate for the income group earning up to Rs17,732 per month stands at 34.57 percent, while for the income group of Rs17,733 to Rs22,888, it is recorded at 36.51 percent.

The rate of inflation for the income groups ranging from Rs22,889 to Rs29,517, and from Rs29,518 to Rs44,175 per month, is 36.38 percent and 35.45 percent, respectively. Individuals with an income of over Rs44,176 per month faced an inflation rate of 35.40 percent.

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