Instagram Introduces Collaborative Reels, Posts, and Carousels

Web DeskAugust 12, 2023

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are constantly competing to introduce new features, and the latest upgrade comes in the form of Instagram’s Collabs feature. This new feature allows up to four users to collaboratively create Reels, Posts, or Carousels together.

With Collabs, users can invite a maximum of three other users to co-author content, even if their accounts are private and require friend request approval. Once the content is uploaded, it will be shared with the followers of each collaborator and displayed on their respective profiles.

In addition to Collabs, Instagram is also introducing the ability to add music to Carousels. The platform’s music library will be expanded to more countries in the coming weeks. Furthermore, Instagram has partnered with Spotify to launch the “Reels Music Chart” in Mexico and Brazil. This feature will allow Spotify users to listen to the top 50 songs featured in Instagram Reels.

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A new “Add Yours” button is also being introduced, enabling users to create interactive Reels with an “Add Yours” sticker. This feature encourages followers to actively engage with challenges and prompts posed by influencers. The chosen Reels can be viewed by other Instagram users, as long as the account is public.

These features are being rolled out gradually, so if you haven’t seen them on your device yet, they should be available soon.

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