Interim IT Minister Aims For $20 Billion IT Exports

Web DeskAugust 21, 2023
Interim IT Minister Aims For $20 Billion IT Exports

In a meeting with officers, Dr. Umar Saif, the interim Federal Minister for Information Technology & Telecommunication, highlighted the constitutional limitations of the caretaker government’s powers and responsibilities. He emphasized that their primary objective is to ensure unbiased and transparent general elections. Despite this focus, he underscored the importance of overseeing crucial ministerial affairs during this period.

Dr. Saif outlined his key priorities, including the comprehensive realization of the Digital Pakistan Vision and the fostering of stability and advancement within the IT and telecommunication sectors. He pledged to involve all stakeholders in achieving these goals. Expressing strong determination, he stated his ambition to elevate ICT exports from their current value of $2.62 billion to a range of $10 to $20 billion.

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The minister elaborated on the substantial benefits of boosting ICT exports. This growth, he noted, could significantly contribute to economic stability and create employment opportunities for skilled individuals. Furthermore, he emphasized the government’s aspiration to achieve full digitization across government and semi-government departments as well as various organizations within the country.

Dr. Saif’s comprehensive approach to enhancing the IT and telecommunication sectors not only underscores his commitment to driving economic growth but also highlights his intention to propel Pakistan into a digitally advanced future. By involving all stakeholders and focusing on the pivotal role of ICT in various sectors, he aims to harness its potential for the nation’s overall development.

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