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Interior Ministry Ordered to Revoke Closure Notice: Twitter Drama

Interior Ministry Ordered to Revoke Closure Notice: Twitter Drama

The recent developments surrounding the closure notice issued by the Interior Ministry targeting Twitter, referred to as “X” in the legal proceedings, have sparked judicial intervention and public scrutiny.

The Sindh High Court has directed the Interior Ministry to retract its closure notice against Twitter, emphasizing the importance of withdrawing the letter within a week. Failure to comply with this directive may prompt the court to intervene with its ruling. Additionally, the Interior Ministry has been instructed to provide justifications for the closure of Twitter by May 9.

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Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has heard a petition challenging the shutdown of Twitter. The Interior Ministry has opposed this petition, arguing in a report to the IHC that the petitioner has not been deprived of any rights. The ministry contends that Twitter should be banned in Pakistan due to its non-compliance with government orders regarding the platform’s misuse. Specifically, the ministry claims that Twitter did not respond to requests from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to ban accounts propagating against the chief justice.

According to the ministry, Twitter’s failure to cooperate with Pakistani authorities constitutes grounds for regulatory action, potentially including temporary closure. Despite being registered in Pakistan, Twitter has not agreed to adhere to Pakistani laws, leading the government to enact a temporary shutdown.

This legal battle highlights the tension between social media platforms and governments regarding compliance with local regulations and the protection of freedom of speech. The outcome of these proceedings will have significant implications for the future of Twitter’s operations in Pakistan and the broader regulatory landscape governing social media platforms.