iPhone 15 Series Disappoints with Poor Battery Life and More

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iPhone 15 Series Disappoints with Poor Battery Life and More

Despite the numerous enhancements introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro phones, customer satisfaction surveys indicate a noticeable decline in contentment among users. A recent survey, aggregating over 700,000 user-generated Google reviews, highlights an increasing trend of dissatisfaction expressed by customers who have recently acquired Apple’s latest ‘Pro’ models.

Earlier data from PerfectRec had already raised concerns, revealing that the iPhone 15 Pro, the most recent addition to Apple’s lineup, attained the lowest customer satisfaction rating among its premium predecessors. The device’s 5-star ratings experienced a significant drop, plummeting to 68% since October 2023.

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According to PerfectRec’s report:

In our initial examination of iPhone 15 satisfaction in October 2023, it was evident that the 15 Pro had the lowest customer satisfaction of any premium iPhone to date. Subsequently, the percentage of customers awarding the iPhone 15 Pro a 5-star rating has decreased from 72% to 68%.

Customers cited various grievances, including perceived inadequacies in upgrades compared to previous models, subpar battery life, and difficulties caused by the prominent camera island, making it challenging to keep the phone flat. Interestingly, the complaint about a lack of upgrades contrasts with the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro phones actually introduced more enhancements compared to their predecessors, the iPhone 14 Pro phones.

The report further stated:

The iPhone 15 Pro was not the sole model witnessing diminished customer satisfaction in January. The percentage of purchasers leaving five-star reviews declined for all iPhone models from December. Notably, the iPhone 15 Plus, typically the best-reviewed model of this generation, experienced the most substantial month-to-month decrease.

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