iPhone 15: Wireless Charging Raises Safety Concerns

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iPhone 15: Wireless Charging Raises Safety Concerns

Apple has officially acknowledged the overheating issues plaguing the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, attributing them to a bug within iOS 17. The company is actively working on a fix, which is expected to be addressed in the upcoming iOS 17.1 update. However, another issue has emerged prior to the release of this fix.

Several users have reported that wireless charging is causing damage to the NFC module in the new iPhones. While the number of reported cases is relatively small, the recurrence of such incidents cannot be ignored.

Numerous individuals on MacRumors forums and users on other platforms have shared their experiences with complications during the setup of Apple Pay. Some users sought help at Apple Stores and replaced their phones, only to be told by employees that the NFC module may have become nonfunctional.

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Over time, affected users began to identify a potential cause for these issues – they noticed that the problems arose after using wireless charging pads in their BMW vehicles. In some cases, the phones entered data recovery mode as a result.

This issue is not isolated to a specific device, as replacement phones also experienced NFC module failures. These users did not encounter such difficulties with previous iPhone models.

Most of these reports are currently coming from iPhone 15 Pro owners who drive BMW vehicles. However, there is at least one exception, with a user who owns a 2023 Toyota Supra reporting a similar Apple Pay failure on their iPhone 15 Pro.

If you own an iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max and drive a BMW, it is advisable to avoid using the car’s wireless charging feature until Apple and BMW can identify and address the underlying problem. While the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models do not seem to exhibit the same issue at the moment, exercising caution may be a prudent choice regardless.

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