Iqra Aziz: No Friendly Vibes Exchanged with People

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Iqra Aziz Opens Up: Mutual Lack of Friendly Vibes with People

In a recent interview on The Pick & Drop Show, Pakistani actor and model Iqra Aziz candidly reflected on her acting career, a recent apparel controversy, and her upcoming projects. Engaging in a heartfelt conversation with host and husband Yasir Hussain, the Mannat Murad actor shared her journey in the entertainment industry.

Iqra Aziz admitted that she hadn’t watched any Pakistani dramas before starting her acting career. Her first exposure to Pakistani television was the 2011 drama series “Humsafar.” This drama marked the beginning of her interest in the industry, and she watched it on YouTube.

Reflecting on her popularity and fanbase, Iqra mentioned that she didn’t have a specific actor who influenced her acting style. She sees acting as a means of expression and shared that she becomes a different person in front of the camera, forming a strong connection with it.

The interview also delved into a recent wardrobe controversy related to Iqra’s TV series “Mannat Murad.” Saboor Aly accused Iqra of copying her bridal outfit. Iqra clarified that the dress was chosen by the director to fit the context of the storyline, and she sought permission from designer Faiza Saqlain, a friend, to use it in the project.

Addressing the controversy, Iqra explained that she was inspired by Saboor Aly’s look but did not intend to copy it entirely. She collaborated with the designer to modify the dress and create a unique look for her character, Mannat Murad.

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Discussing her upcoming projects, Iqra teased her first-time collaboration with actor Hamza Sohail in a television series directed by Fajar Raza. The drama, titled “Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet,” is expected to be released in January or February.

Iqra also shared insights into her personal life, highlighting her private nature. Despite her on-screen persona, she revealed that she is a private person and doesn’t have many friends in the industry. She expressed difficulty in initiating friendships but emphasized her genuine approach to relationships.

Overall, the interview provided a glimpse into Iqra Aziz’s journey in the entertainment industry, shedding light on her experiences, controversies, and future projects.

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