Iranian President and Saudi Crown Prince’s First Phone Call on Gaza

Web DeskOctober 12, 2023

In an unprecedented move, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi engaged in their first-ever telephone conversation, addressing the ongoing military escalation in Gaza.

During this significant call, the Saudi Crown Prince emphasized the Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with international and regional stakeholders to halt the escalating conflict in Gaza. He made it explicitly clear that Saudi Arabia vehemently opposes any actions that target civilians and result in the loss of innocent lives.

Furthermore, the Crown Prince stressed the paramount importance of adhering to the principles of international humanitarian law. He expressed deep concern for the dire humanitarian situation unfolding in Gaza and the severe repercussions it poses to the civilian population.

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In reaffirming Saudi Arabia’s steadfast support for the Palestinian Cause, the Crown Prince underlined the Kingdom’s commitment to backing endeavors aimed at achieving a comprehensive and equitable peace settlement that safeguards the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres voiced grave concern over the intensifying conflict in Israel and Gaza. He highlighted the critical need to prevent the violence from spreading throughout the broader region. Guterres underscored the fundamental principle that UN facilities, hospitals, schools, and clinics must never be targeted, and he urgently called for unhindered humanitarian access to the enclave.

He stressed the immediate necessity of delivering life-saving supplies, including fuel, food, and water, into Gaza. The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported a tragic toll, with at least 830 Palestinians losing their lives and 4,250 individuals sustaining injuries. Over 260,000 people, more than a tenth of Gaza’s population, have been displaced since the commencement of the current conflict on October 7, with this number continuing to rise rapidly.

The telephone call between the Saudi Crown Prince and the Iranian President, as well as the UN Secretary-General’s remarks, underscore the pressing need for humanitarian action and diplomatic efforts to alleviate the suffering in Gaza and work towards a sustainable solution to the crisis.

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