Is Earthquake Predictable?

Afshan ShakeelOctober 7, 2023
Is Earthquake Predictable?

Despite massive development and progress in the field of science and technology, man is still helpless against power of nature.

When nature turns aggressive it destroys huge human settlements and communication links within fraction of time. A few days back a seismologist from Netherlands Hoogerbeets, predicted earthquake in Pakistan in 48 hours this dead line has passed now safely. Although Pakistan not suffered from any earthquake yet, but some neighbouring countries sharing borders with Pakistan experienced earthquake i.e. India and Afghanistan. The most important question that comes to every one’s mind is ‘can we predict an earthquake’.

As we can predict Tsunami few hours before it hits the coastal areas. The prediction of Tsunami is possible because it is always followed by a major earthquake. This phenomenon can be understood by simple experiment of giving jerk to a tub full of water from one side. First water will go back and then return with double intensity and flow out of tub.

The time period between earthquake and emergence of huge water waves can be utilized for taking protective measures. Many researches are going on about prediction of earthquake.  Now a days Android Cell Phones give Earthquake Alerts few seconds before earthquake actually hit the area. According to a research these smart cell phones can detect underground vibrations few seconds before these vibrations reach the area where mobile is located.

This can help people in taking protective measures before earthquake start. Some seismologist believe that our earth is a giant magnate with a vast magnetic field, some changes occur in this vast magnetic field before high magnitude earthquake. If we become able to notice and record these changes, we can predict earthquake few minutes before it occurs. God has given some extra senses to animals and they come to know about earthquake well before it occur. It is a common observation before many major earthquakes that birds fly randomly even at odd timings and animals produce strange sounds, showing their anxiety.

Although we are yet not able to predict earthquake long time before it occurs but at least we can spread information about protective measures that can reduce life loses. It is better to move immediately to an open area if not possible then at least one should move under any hard table or under stairs or door pan and cover your head and neck from falling objects.

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