Is Lionel Messi jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Web DeskDecember 14, 2023
Is Lionel Messi jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Football stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, renowned for their exceptional on-field performances and numerous accolades, maintain a respectful relationship during matches. However, recent revelations by English footballer Rio Ferdinand in a podcast have stirred speculation about Messi’s feelings towards Ronaldo.

Ferdinand disclosed a surprising incident involving Messi on his podcast, asserting that Messi unfollowed Argentine footballer Alejandro Garnacho on Instagram. The reason, as per Ferdinand, was because Garnacho openly expresses his preference for Ronaldo, whom Messi considers his idol. Ferdinand remarked on Messi’s unapologetic stance, stating, “You know what I like about him? He doesn’t give a f***. Garnacho told me that Messi unfollowed him just because he makes no secret of preferring Ronaldo.”

According to the Daily Mail, in April 2022, football enthusiasts observed that Messi had unfollowed Garnacho on Instagram after Garnacho posted an image of Ronaldo, hailing him as the best. This coincided with Garnacho’s earlier post, three weeks prior, featuring an image of himself with Messi, referring to Messi as his “idol.”

Interestingly, despite these interactions, Messi has not followed the Manchester United star (Ferdinand) on Instagram, although Garnacho continues to follow Messi. The incident adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics between football legends Messi and Ronaldo, showcasing Messi’s candid preference for Ronaldo even within the Argentina national squad.

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