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Is Pakistan-Iran Joint Film Production on the Horizon?

Is Pakistan-Iran Joint Film Production on the Horizon?

Pakistan is poised to embark on a groundbreaking collaboration with Iran, as it prepares to sign two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) aimed at enhancing cooperation in the fields of film, cinema, and workforce. Approved by the federal cabinet, this move signifies a significant leap forward in bilateral relations between the two countries.

The ongoing visit of the Iranian president to Pakistan will serve as the platform for signing these MoUs, which encompass two main areas of focus. The first MoU emphasizes the exchange and well-being of skilled workers, while the second aims to strengthen cultural ties through collaborative film production projects.

The workforce cooperation MoU will facilitate the exchange of skilled workers between Pakistan and Iran, enhancing the capabilities of both countries’ workforce. Additionally, discussions will be initiated regarding the establishment of a ‘welfare fund’ to support these workers.

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The second MoU, focusing on cultural cooperation, will pave the way for joint film production ventures between Pakistan and Iran. This collaboration will also involve the exchange of delegations to gain insights into each other’s film industries. Furthermore, cultural shows will be hosted, fostering deeper connections between the two nations.

This development underscores the deepening relations between Pakistan and Iran, showcasing their shared commitment to mutual growth in both the workforce sector and the film industry. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is in Pakistan on a three-day trip to discuss regional and bilateral relations days after Iran and Israel carried out attacks against each other, risking the Gaza war to expand into a regional conflict. Raisi is scheduled to hold talks with top Pakistani leadership, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, as the two neighbors seek to mend ties after tit-for-tat missile attacks in January.