Is Pakistan Set to Face Coldest Weather in 100 years?

Web DeskJanuary 5, 2024
Is Pakistan Set to Face Coldest Weather in 100 years?

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has addressed the rumors circulating on social media regarding severe cold weather from January 12 to 15. The PMD has explicitly denied these rumors, stating that they are not true.

Deputy Director of the Met Department, Irfan Virk, clarified that the cold weather being experienced in many parts of the country is due to fog, causing a drop in temperature.
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Virk added that the temperature is expected to decrease further in the coming days due to fog, and the Met Department is closely monitoring the weather situation.

The Met Department urged the public to disregard unverified rumors circulating on social media and advised them to check the latest weather updates on its official website.

Earlier, the PMD had announced that dense foggy conditions would persist over Punjab, including Islamabad, as well as the plains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and upper Sindh, due to a stable atmosphere.

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