Is there a prediction of snowfall in Punjab during the cold wave?

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Is there a prediction of snowfall in Punjab during the cold wave?

Certain regions of Punjab and neighboring areas are currently facing an intense spell of cold weather, witnessing temperatures plummeting into single digits. Amidst this, there has been speculation circulating online, suggesting the possibility of unusual snowfall blanketing cities in Punjab. However, it is crucial to note that these reports remain unverified.

Contrary to the information circulating on social media, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has officially refuted the forecasts predicting widespread snowfall in Punjab. In response to the misinformation circulating on various platforms, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning, urging the public to exercise caution and not be misled by false information.

According to the official statement from the Meteorological Department, the prevailing weather conditions are expected to bring about thick fog in the plains of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Simultaneously, frosty weather is anticipated in the upper parts of KP, the Pothohar region encompassing Islamabad, and the region of Kashmir.

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As we navigate further into mid-January, meteorological expectations point towards the likelihood of light showers and snowfall in specific areas such as Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB). However, it is crucial to rely on verified sources for accurate weather forecasts.

The advisory emphasizes that due to the prevailing foggy conditions, daytime temperatures are expected to remain below normal. Consequently, travelers are strongly advised to exercise caution, especially during days characterized by dense fog.

In essence, while the cold weather persists in certain regions, it is imperative for the public to stay informed through official channels and refrain from relying on unverified information circulating on social media platforms. By adhering to accurate weather forecasts, individuals can better prepare for and navigate the prevailing weather conditions, ensuring their safety and well-being during this period of cold weather.

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