Islamabad Imposes Ban on Public Gatherings and Protests: Section 144 Enforced

Web DeskJuly 10, 2023

In a bid to maintain public safety and preserve law and order, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad has imposed a ban on public gatherings and issued a notification of section 144 in the federal capital. The notification highlights the complete prohibition of any form of gatherings and processions within the jurisdiction of Islamabad.

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The decision comes in response to reports of certain sections of society planning to hold illegal gatherings and protests, which pose a potential threat to public places, peace, and the overall environment. To safeguard law and order and ensure public tranquility, it is crucial to control such activities that may disrupt public peace and security.

The ban imposes restrictions on gatherings of five or more individuals in the city. The notification will remain in effect for a duration of two months, as stated by the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad. Any violation of this ban will be dealt with under section 144 of the law, with strict legal actions taken against offenders.

By enforcing section 144, the authorities aim to curtail unauthorized gatherings and protests, promoting the overall well-being of citizens and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere within the capital. The implementation of this ban serves as a preventive measure to safeguard public safety, tranquility, and the smooth functioning of daily life in Islamabad.

It is imperative for residents and community members to adhere to this ban, respecting the law and cooperating with the authorities. The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad urges citizens to play their part in upholding public order and ensuring the harmonious functioning of the city during this period.

With the enforcement of section 144 and the ban on public gatherings and processions, the authorities are committed to preserving the peace, security, and welfare of the residents of Islamabad.

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