Israel Bombs Gaza Amid UN Warning of Uninhabitable Conditions

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Israel Bombs Gaza Amid UN Warning of Uninhabitable Conditions

Top of Form In a recent assault on Gaza, Israel conducted airstrikes as the United Nations issued a stark warning, declaring the Palestinian territory nearly uninhabitable after three months of intense conflict that poses a threat to the broader region.

Reporters from AFP observed Israeli strikes on Gaza’s southern city of Rafah early on Saturday, a place where hundreds of thousands sought refuge amid the ongoing conflict.

Despite the ongoing humanitarian crisis, with famine looming and the spread of disease, civilians continue to bear the brunt of the conflict. A 60-year-old individual named Abu Mohammed, who fled to Rafah, expressed a pessimistic view of Gaza’s future, describing it as “dark, gloomy, and very difficult.”

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With much of Gaza already in ruins, the UN’s Martin Griffiths, chief of humanitarian affairs, stated on Friday that “Gaza has simply become uninhabitable.” The UN children’s agency highlighted the grim situation, warning of a dangerous cycle affecting over 1.1 million children in Gaza due to clashes, malnutrition, and a lack of health services.

Israeli forces remain actively engaged in the conflict across the Gaza Strip, and there is heightened readiness near the Lebanese border following the killing of a top Hamas commander in Beirut. Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the strike, but a US defense official confirmed Israeli involvement.

The conflict in Gaza was triggered by an unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israel in October, resulting in approximately 1,140 deaths, mostly civilians. In response, Israel launched a relentless bombardment and ground invasion, causing significant casualties.

Recent reports indicate Israeli strikes hitting various locations in Gaza, including Khan Yunis and Rafah. A hospital in Deir al-Balah reported 35 deaths, underscoring the dire situation. The Israeli army claimed to have struck over 100 targets, including military positions, rocket launch sites, and weapons depots.

The humanitarian crisis is exacerbated by renewed shelling and drone fire in the Khan Yunis area, leading to casualties in hospitals already overcrowded with displaced people. The situation prompted French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna to criticize a proposal by Israeli ministers to resettle Gazans outside the territory, asserting that it’s not Israel’s role to determine Gaza’s future.

Top Western diplomats, including US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are engaged in efforts to increase aid to Gaza and ease tensions. The EU’s Josep Borrell and Germany’s Annalena Baerbock are also actively involved in discussions on the dire humanitarian situation and escalating tensions in the region. The ongoing conflict raises concerns about a wider conflagration, particularly with Hezbollah’s involvement and recent events such as the killing of Hamas’ deputy leader in Beirut and subsequent Israeli strikes against Hezbollah targets.

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