Israel Expands Evacuations in Khan Younis as US Blocks Gaza Ceasefire Call

Web DeskDecember 10, 2023
Israel Expands Evacuations in Khan Younis as US Blocks Gaza Ceasefire Call

The recent developments in Gaza have seen Israel intensifying its ground campaign in the southern part of the territory, specifically in Khan Younis. This escalation follows the collapse of a truce that was in place, and both sides have reported increased fighting in various regions.

Israel, in its latest move, ordered residents in the center of Khan Younis to evacuate urgently. The evacuation orders cover several numbered blocks, including parts of the city center not previously subject to such directives. The reasoning behind these evacuation orders remains undisclosed.

Similar warnings were issued earlier in the week before Israel initiated an assault on the eastern parts of Khan Younis. Residents, facing repeated evacuations, express concerns about the possibility of further assaults, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and fear.

The majority of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have already been displaced from their homes multiple times due to the ongoing conflict. The situation has resulted in a severe humanitarian crisis, with residents and UN agencies emphasizing the lack of safe havens in the region. Israel’s restrictions on the main north-south route further compound the challenges faced by Gazans.

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In Khan Younis, the Nasser hospital is overwhelmed with the influx of dead and wounded. The hospital staff is struggling to cope with the increasing casualties. The impact of the conflict is visible as ambulances bring in wounded children, and the hospital is filled with the sounds of their distress.

The toll on the healthcare system is severe, with hospitals in the northern half of Gaza ceasing operations, making it difficult to ascertain the full extent of casualties. The conflict has led to an official toll nearing 17,500, with many more missing and presumed dead.

In a recent vote at the United Nations, a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire was backed by 13 out of 15 Security Council members. However, the resolution was vetoed by the United States, with Israel’s actions receiving continued support despite concerns about civilian casualties. The situation remains dire, with no clear resolution in sight.

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