Israel indirectly mocked Pakistani Cricketer Muhammad Rizwan

Web DeskOctober 16, 2023

A Twitter exchange between Israeli authorities and Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan has stirred controversy and sparked debate in the aftermath of India’s victory in the recent INDvsPAK match at #CWC23.

It all began when Muhammad Rizwan took to Twitter to express his gratitude and attribute his winning century in a previous match against Sri Lanka to the people of Palestine.

While Rizwan’s tweet aimed to draw attention to the Palestinian cause and show solidarity, it didn’t go unnoticed by Israeli authorities. In a response that has since stirred controversy, Israel tweeted, “We are happy that India emerged victorious in the INDvsPAK match at #CWC23 and that Pakistan was unable to attribute its victory to the terrorists of Hamas.”

The tweet from Israel seemed to indirectly target Muhammad Rizwan, though his name wasn’t explicitly mentioned. The reference to “the terrorists of Hamas” added a geopolitical dimension to the exchange. The Gaza-based organization Hamas has been a contentious subject in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rizwan’s initial tweet had garnered both support and criticism, as it intertwined a sports achievement with a sensitive political issue. On the other hand, Israel’s response raised questions about the role of politics in the world of sports and social media.

Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are notorious for their high stakes and the intense rivalry they evoke, making them a platform for athletes to make statements beyond sportsmanship. The exchange between Israel and Rizwan has fueled a broader conversation about the line between personal beliefs and international sporting events, highlighting the complexities of using social media for political expression.

As the Twitter exchange continues to circulate, it remains to be seen how it will impact the atmosphere surrounding future cricket matches and international sporting events. The incident underscores the power and pitfalls of social media as a platform for athletes to voice their opinions and the potential for such statements to have consequences far beyond the world of sports.

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