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Israel Launches Missile Attack on Iran

Israel Launches Missile Attack on Iran

The Israeli military has reportedly launched a missile attack on Iran, resulting in explosions in the Iranian city of Isfahan. These strikes appear to be a retaliatory response to a previous Iranian attack on Sunday, during which Tehran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel. According to Iranian media, explosions were heard in Isfahan, a central Iranian city. Isfahan province is home to several Iranian nuclear facilities, including Natanz, a crucial site in Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

In response to these developments, commercial flights began rerouting over western Iran without a clear explanation. State media reported that flights over the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran had been suspended. Tracking data from Flightradar24 showed Emirates and Flydubai flights making abrupt turns away from Iranian airspace on Friday.

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Israel had previously announced its intention to retaliate against Iran’s weekend assault, which involved a barrage of drones and missiles. This attack was itself in response to an Israeli strike that demolished a consular building annex of the Iranian Embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus, resulting in the deaths of 13 people, including two generals of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The escalation of tensions between Israel and Iran has raised concerns among experts and commentators about the potential for the conflict to expand beyond the Israel-Gaza region to the wider Middle East.