IT Ministry Begins Search for New Member Telecom

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IT Ministry Begins Search for New Member Telecom

The Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) has decided to approach the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for the recruitment of a new Member Telecom.

The tenure of the previous Member Telecom, Omar Malik, ended on August 27. Initially, there were plans to extend Malik’s tenure, but the decision was later withdrawn, and the ministry is now actively seeking to fill the position.

The role of Member Telecom is considered crucial for the implementation of decisions related to the telecom sector and the planned launch of 5G technology.

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Therefore, the ministry is keen to appoint a new Member Telecom promptly and is in the process of contacting the Election Commission of Pakistan for this purpose.

Omar Malik, the former Member Telecom, also served on various boards and committees related to the telecommunications sector. His tenure ended on August 27, and he confirmed his departure to the ministry on August 20. Once the necessary clearance is obtained from the Election Commission of Pakistan, the process of appointing a new Member Telecom will commence.

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