It’s The Little Things That Matter

Wajiha WaseemSeptember 26, 2023

So I started internship in the Psychiatry Department of a renowned hospital and the first client I encountered was suffering from anxiety due poor family dynamics. She was the only child but still there was no communication between the parents and the child. Since last 2 months she has isolated herself from everything and everyone even from her parents. What triggered me to write this post is when the client said,

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“I always think I should die but I know I cannot attempt suicide so I hurt myself with razor. This eases my anxiety and calms me down because I can’t share anything with anyone.”

What happens is when a child grows in an environment where he/she is not told the reason behind every ‘no’, where there is a communication gap between the parents and the child, where one listens to taunts daily, where he is compared to others of his age and where he is told he is not good enough, it results in lack of self confidence, lower self esteem, a hell lot of confusion over minute things and overthinking.

This is something that is not so rare so it is not detected even by the person himself until it starts interfering with his daily life activities, like the client isolating herself. It’s not just the child’s mistake, sometimes its the parents that are not aware of their parenting style. Sometimes it’s not the person himself causing all the problems/symptoms, its the toxic environment he lives in.

It’s not always the big issues, it’s also the little things that destroy mental health that the person starts thinking himself as useless and committing suicide.

Wajiha Waseem

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Wajiha Waseem

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