Janhvi Kapoor Regrets not Accepting her Mother’s Help

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Janhvi Kapoor Regrets not Accepting her Mother's Help

Janhvi Kapoor, shouldering the weight of a renowned family name, is acutely aware of the challenges that accompanied her debut in the film industry. As the elder daughter of India’s first female superstar, the late icon Sridevi, and acclaimed producer Boney Kapoor, Janhvi faced scrutiny upon entering the Indian film scene with the 2018 release, “Dhadak.”

Navigating the unreal expectations tied to her illustrious lineage, Janhvi recently revealed a significant regret. In an interview with Agenda Aaj Tak, she shared how she deliberately distanced herself from her mother, Sridevi, when embarking on her film career—a decision she now deeply laments. Janhvi explained that she was conscious of public perceptions suggesting that her debut was solely a result of being Sridevi’s daughter. In an attempt to counter these opinions, she chose not to seek her mother’s guidance.

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During the interview conducted in Hindi, Janhvi expressed, “I used to feel as if I had an unfair advantage, a trump card thinking ‘How many people have access to Sridevi Kapoor, who is the best actor to come out of India?’ I used to feel that it’s already an unfair advantage, it will be more unfair if I take her advice.”

Janhvi admitted to urging her mother not to come on set or provide assistance, believing she had to prove herself independently. Reflecting on this choice, she acknowledged the shortsightedness of her decision and revealed that her mother was eager to be on set with her, offering maternal support.

In hindsight, Janhvi confessed, “I think I have come around to that. I am now very proud of being my parents’ daughter. If people want to do a moral debate on whether Janhvi Kapoor being Sridevi’s daughter is right or wrong, you can’t because that’s the truth.”

Furthermore, in the conversation, Janhvi addressed her sister Khushi Kapoor’s foray into The Archies and shared valuable advice. She emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself amidst potential criticism, highlighting the difficulty in believing positive feedback over negative comments.

Janhvi encouraged Khushi to maintain authenticity and not lose herself amid the challenges that come with public scrutiny.

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