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Jazz’s Digital Empowerment Opens Doors for Schoolgirls to Pursue ICT Careers, Breaking Barriers

Jazz's Digital Empowerment Opens Doors for Schoolgirls to Pursue ICT Careers, Breaking Barriers

The enduring partnership between Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator, and The Citizens Foundation (TCF), one of the largest networks of affordable formal schools, continues to inspire thousands of young students, with over half of them being girls, to pursue careers in Information Communications Technology (ICT).

Through the multifaceted Digital Learning Program (DLP), this collaboration aims to equip students with essential digital skills from an early age, enabling them to play vital roles in realizing the vision of a Digital Pakistan. The program spans across 1,600+ TCF schools nationwide, benefiting over 180,000 students. Moreover, it focuses on training female teachers, with over 8,000 teachers already trained on the latest ICT tools.

In observance of Girls in ICT Day and to underscore Jazz’s commitment to digital empowerment, Jazz employees dedicated a day to interact with TCF students, exploring their experiences and insights gained from the Digital Learning Program (DLP). Through candid discussions, schoolgirls shared their journeys and aspirations, seeking guidance from the Jazz team. Additionally, students and teachers showcased the transformative impact of the blended learning approach at the DLP lab, illustrating its profound effect on their educational journey.

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Syed Fakhar Ahmed, Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Officer at Jazz, expressed Jazz’s dedication to women’s empowerment in technology, leveraging its technological capabilities and network to bridge the gender gap in ICT. He emphasized the partnership’s role in revolutionizing mindsets and shaping the career paths of young girls aspiring to enter the technology field.

Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad, CEO of TCF, reiterated the organization’s commitment to providing underprivileged children with quality education, which is supported by Jazz through the Digital Learning Program (DLP). He highlighted how the comprehensive digital initiative is catalyzing a shift in mindsets, with more girls aspiring to pursue careers in various ICT fields.

Jazz’s initiatives, such as the Women In Social Entrepreneurship (WISE) initiative, Jazz Rural Data Education Program, and Digital Pakistan Tech Fellowship Program, among others, reflect its steadfast commitment to empowering women and advancing gender equality in the digital domain. Through these endeavors, Jazz continues to prepare women to become key contributors to Pakistan’s digital economy and champions of its digital future.