Jennifer Lopez warns Jennifer Garner to stay away from her Husband

Web DeskSeptember 20, 2023

After she cuddled up to him in a car in Los Angeles last week, Jennifer Lopez cautioned Jennifer Garner to avoid her husband Ben Affleck.

A few days later, the Mother actor made a powerful presence alongside the director of Air in response to their leaked automobile images.

J.Lo clung to Affleck as they stepped out for a shopping spree in LA and sent a message to Garner that they are still “going strong as ever.”

Analyzing their body language, a celebrity psychic and body language expert alluded that Lopez was unbothered after images of Garner and Affleck hugging in a car went viral.

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Sources told “As Jennifer Lopez strolls with Ben Affleck through the market in their matching wide-leg jeans, white trainers and pale tops, they send several obvious signals that their relationship is stronger than ever, and several not-so-obvious signals.”

“Ben has his arm over his lady’s shoulders, keeping her close to him, which is a sign of intimacy,” the expert added. “They are clearly comfortable with each other’s physical presence.”

“As they chat, they look at each other’s faces, which is also a sign of closeness. This is a couple that is used to sharing each other’s space many hours of the day, and it’s natural for them to be in an embrace,” the expert continued.

Honigman said there was no sign that their relationship is under any stress as she pointed that that there are “no egos in their relationship, no winners or losers, they are together and they feel strong.”

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