‘Just cyclone can beat cyclone’ Mohib Mirza shares hilarious message regarding cyclone

Web DeskJune 16, 20234712 min
Mohib Mirza shares hilarious message

Mohib Mirza recently sent out a cheerful message about Cyclone “Biparjoy” in a playful and hilarious tone. Because of the probable dangers associated with the cyclone, the message playfully cautions people not to go to the rooftop.

In a clever twist, the statement recommends that if someone absolutely needs to go to the rooftop, they should send their wife instead, meaning that danger is more likely to face danger itself.

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Mohib Mirza’s message seeks to bring some levity and amusement to a potentially tense and unsettling situation caused by the cyclone. He tries to communicate a feeling of caution while also providing some humorous relief by using humour.

However, it is critical to remember that during natural disasters, safety should always be the main concern, and it is critical to follow official instructions and guidelines set by local authorities to safeguard the well-being and security of everyone engaged.

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