Justice Isa’s Push for Accountability in Faizabad Dharna Case

Web DeskSeptember 29, 2023
Justice Isa's Push for Accountability in Faizabad Dharna Case

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Qazi Faez Isa, is determined to ensure the implementation of his 2019 judgment in the Faizabad Dharna case, emphasizing the critical role of accountability in Pakistan’s future. His unwavering commitment to see action taken based on the sit-in judgment has raised questions about the involvement of the security establishment in shaping national politics.

Justice Isa’s willingness to question powerful circles and hold them accountable, despite potential repercussions, sets him apart from his predecessors. The Attorney General for Pakistan has provided assurances on behalf of state institutions regarding the implementation of the Faizabad sit-in ruling, requesting one month’s time to comply.

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However, the issue of accountability for powerful circles remains a challenge for the judiciary. In the past, judgments related to the security establishment have faced resistance and delays in implementation. The case of former army chief Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s treason trial, for example, has been pending appeal for four years.

Justice Isa has one year to implement his ruling in the Faizabad Dharna case. It remains to be seen whether he will focus on specific individuals or institutional reforms during the implementation process. His ability to maintain a balance in executing the judgment while facing resistance from powerful circles will be a crucial factor.

Despite challenges, there is a sense of satisfaction among stakeholders, including government institutions and the PTI, with the Faizabad Dharna case judgment. The Supreme Court currently faces less resistance in the implementation of the judgment. The key question is whether Chief Justice Isa will prioritize institutional reforms to ensure that all institutions operate within their constitutional boundaries or compel authorities to take action against specific individuals.


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