Justice Mansoor Suggests full for NAB Amendments Case

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Justice Mansoor suggests full for NAB amendments case

Justice Mansoor proposes a full court for the NAB amendments case, emphasizing its significance during the 48th session. In a bench led by CJP Bandial with Justices Mansoor and Ijazul Ahsan, the matter was discussed. Justice Mansoor highlights Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan’s objection from the military court case and cites Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Act, Section 3 and 4, advocating for a full court comprising at least 5 members.

He reaffirms his stance on full courts for such cases, discussing challenges to civilians’ military court trials. Justice Mansoor points to the incomplete Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Act, noting its potential impact. He was among the judges emphasizing the need to reassess the Chief Justice’s authority.

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During the hearing, PTI’s legal representative’s health issue leads assistant counsel Yasir Aman to present arguments with court permission. Justice Mansoor criticizes PTI’s lawyer for not addressing the impacted fundamental rights due to amendments. He recalls repeated queries on fundamental rights left unanswered by the petitioner’s counsel.

CJP Bandial clarifies that the challenge pertains to the 2022 NAB amendments, not the 2023 law changes. The PTI’s counsel is instructed to submit new NAB amendments with written responses, and the hearing adjourns until August 28. Daily hearings will resume from August 28, considering a bench member’s impending retirement. The decision’s scope might focus on admissibility rather than merits.

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