Karachi Defies Rumors with Massive Turnout for Sijjin’s Unrelenting Horror

Web DeskFebruary 2, 2024
Karachi Defies Rumors with Massive Turnout for Sijjin's Unrelenting Horror

On January 19, the Indonesian horror film ‘Sijjin’ premiered in Karachi, defying the norm for horror movies in Pakistan, which typically do not attract large audiences. Despite being an Indonesian film with English subtitles, ‘Sijjin’ garnered significant attention, leading to packed theaters on the first day and sustained interest over a week.

Traditionally, Pakistani cinema-goers reserve their trips for Hollywood horror hits like ‘Conjuring’ or ‘Insidious.’ However, ‘Sijjin’ has become an exception, drawing a diverse audience beyond just hardcore horror enthusiasts.

Adding an unexpected twist to Karachi’s cinema scene, the film’s Indonesian dialogue, supplemented with English subtitles, turned it into an unconventional magnet for viewers. Rumors circulated about mystical effects and black magic spells woven into the storyline, sparking curiosity among potential viewers.

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When Geo Digital’s team attended a screening, they found themselves immersed in social media rumors hinting at a unique cinematic experience. Whispers suggested that the film might have mystical effects on unsuspecting viewers.

Entering the cinema with a mix of anticipation and curiosity, Geo Digital’s team discovered a different atmosphere than a typical late-night show. Families filled the cinema, hinting at a phenomenon possibly fueled by the enchantment of the weekend. As the film progressed, the theater buzzed with anticipation.

Engaging in discussions with fellow moviegoers, it became evident that ‘Sijjin’ had become a magnetic force due to its blend of Indonesian horror mastery and a storyline rooted in black magic. Despite rumors, one movie buff clarified that the social media grapevine wasn’t entirely accurate.

Unveiling the layers of mystery, it was revealed that ‘Sijjin’ is an Indonesian rendition of a Turkish horror series, with six parts. This Indonesian remake of a 2014 installment arrived on Pakistani shores, contributing to the unexpected turnout.

Mirza Saad Baig, the general manager of the theater house responsible for the film’s distribution, shared insights with Geo Digital, disclosing that ‘Sijjin’ had already generated over Rs20 million in its first week across Pakistan. This success showcases that a compelling story and high production quality can overcome language barriers, attracting viewers to the cinematic experience. Pakistani filmmakers can draw inspiration from this unique success story as they explore diverse genres and international collaborations.

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