Karachi University Teachers Strike Over Budget Issues

Web DeskSeptember 22, 2023
Karachi University Teachers Strike Over Budget Issues

The Karachi University Teachers Society (KUTS) has initiated a strike to address various concerns related to administrative and financial issues affecting the institution. The strike, endorsed by KUTS, is set to continue indefinitely until their grievances are resolved.

One of the primary issues is the non-approval of Karachi University’s budget for the past four years, which has had a negative impact on academic and research activities within the institution.

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Teachers involved in evening programs have allegedly not received their arrears for a year and a half, and permanent faculty members have not received promised salary increments announced in the provincial government’s budget four months ago.

Concerns were also raised about the deteriorating state of Karachi University’s infrastructure, leading to a trend where students are choosing private universities due to ongoing issues in the public sector.

The KUTS has called upon the Sindh governor and the chief minister to address these crises and establish a commission to investigate their underlying causes.

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