Karachi Water Tanker Service Gets Digital Tracking for Enhanced Efficiency

Web DeskSeptember 11, 2023

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation (KWSC) has taken a significant step toward modernizing its operations by implementing a digital tracking system for its registered water tankers. This initiative, which involves the use of QR codes, aims to combat water theft by illegal hydrants and ensure the efficient distribution of chlorinated and purified water.

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Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab, who also serves as the chairman of KWSC, made the announcement during an inspection of the hydrants management cell at KWSC’s headquarters in Karasaz. He emphasized the transition to real-time monitoring of water supply from hydrants, marking a significant advancement in the utility’s operations.

The new digital system involves the placement of QR codes on 550 registered water tankers, allowing for seamless tracking and management of their activities. The QR codes serve as digital identifiers, enabling quick and accurate identification of each tanker. This innovation not only enhances operational efficiency but also helps in identifying and addressing issues related to illegal tankers.

Barrister Wahab highlighted the importance of the water tanker service in providing immediate assistance to the public. The software integrated into the hydrants management center generates electronic slips for the public, containing essential information about each tanker. This system streamlines the distribution process and helps prevent unauthorized water transport.

Currently, Karachi relies on a daily water supply of 570 million gallons from Keenjhar Lake and Hub Dam, despite having only seven authorized hydrants and more than 150 illegal ones. The authorized hydrants supply a limited amount of water through tankers, with the majority of the supply being managed by unregulated sources.

The implementation of digital tracking through QR codes represents a significant step toward enhancing transparency, accountability, and efficiency in Karachi’s water distribution system. It not only addresses issues related to water theft but also ensures that residents receive safe and reliable water services.

The move toward real-time monitoring and digitalization aligns with modern practices in utility management and reflects the commitment of KWSC to provide quality water services to the people of Karachi. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in improving public services, this initiative sets a positive example for other utilities and organizations to follow suit.

The digital tracking system with QR codes is expected to bring about a positive change in the management and regulation of water tankers, ultimately benefiting the residents of Karachi by ensuring the equitable distribution of clean and chlorinated water. As the system becomes fully operational, it is likely to have a significant impact on reducing water theft and enhancing the efficiency of water supply services in the city.

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