Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Mom Guilt’ Over Missing Son Jeh’s First Concert

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Kareena Kapoor's 'Mom Guilt' Over Missing Son Jeh's First Concert

In a recent candid revelation, Bollywood icon Kareena Kapoor shed light on the challenges of balancing her thriving career and personal life, highlighting the sacrifices she sometimes has to make. At a recent event, she opened up about experiencing ‘mom guilt’ for missing her younger son Jeh’s first concert due to work commitments.

Detailing the hectic day at the Khan household, Kareena told ABP, “It was my younger one Jeh’s first-ever concert that I missed today because I was shooting for a campaign before this. Saif was doing rehearsals for his film, which he is starting for Netflix next week. So he went to Taimur’s school fete, and then to Jeh’s concert.”

Despite the busy schedule, she made an effort to check in on her kids, expressing the constant struggle of managing both roles. “It has been very busy; I just called the kids up and checked on them. It’s a constant battle, but I love it,” she added.

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The Crew actor discussed the impact on her elder son Taimur, sharing that he is starting to comprehend the work commitments of both his parents. She expressed hope that she would be present for future occasions.

“Of course, there was a lot of guilt that I couldn’t be there for Jeh’s first concert, but I know I will be there when he performs next year. It is more for me at this age. He is 3, so it is my guilt,” the actor confessed. “It is like I need to be there for my joy to see what he does because I don’t know if he’ll remember it.”

Addressing the internal struggle, Kareena emphasized the need to convince herself about not succumbing to guilt. She acknowledged her passion for work and expressed that being a working mother is something she cannot live without. She said, “You have to talk to yourself, convince yourself, somewhere I feel I can’t live this guilt of not going to be there at certain times or all times, for 24 hours.”

“Being at work or being a working mother is something I can’t live without. Taimur understands that. I feel it is a healthy atmosphere for him to see that his mother, as well as his father, go to work, and they take turns at who is probably going to be at home,” she explained, insisting that witnessing a working mother will instill a profound respect for women in Taimur.

Kareena concluded by highlighting the importance of providing Taimur with a balanced upbringing, where both parents contribute to household responsibilities. Her perspective aims to impart a valuable lesson to her children about respecting and understanding the roles of women in society.

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