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Kashmir Influences Abrarul Haq’s Film Decision with Katrina Kaif

Kashmir Influences Abrarul Haq's Film Decision with Katrina Kaif

Abrarul Haq, a highly sought-after figure across the border, recently disclosed that he turned down a significant offer from India. During an appearance on the Hafiz Ahmed Podcast, the renowned singer discussed the offers he received from the neighboring country.

“Yes, I received movie offers [from India]. I also received an offer for an album. But I couldn’t agree to their contract,” Abrar revealed. Expanding on the terms outlined in the contract and his subsequent refusal, he explained, “‘You can’t speak, you can’t talk about Kashmir, etc.’ I felt that a country that upholds freedom of expression shouldn’t impose such restrictions. So I declined.”

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He went on to share a specific instance involving a movie offer from Eros, featuring actress Katrina Kaif. Despite pressure from friends, Abrar remained firm in his decision not to pursue acting. “They were excited and even said, ‘No one has ever turned us down like this.’ We thought you’d jump at the opportunity,” he recounted.

Regarding musical collaborations, Abrar mentioned ongoing projects and expressed his admiration for Gurdas Maan. He also recounted a humorous incident involving his manager mistaking a communication from ‘Honey’ as being from a woman, leading to confusion until they realized it was Indian rapper Honey Singh.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Abrar humbly admitted, “I don’t consider myself a musician. I still don’t understand chords. I’m grateful for the fame I’ve received.”

Abrar also shared a deeply personal moment from his past when his mother passed away on February 4, 1996. Recalling their last interaction during the month of Ramazan, he became emotional, remembering her comforting presence. He recounted the shock of discovering her lifeless body and the disbelief that followed, emphasizing the importance of knowing CPR and the profound impact of losing a parent.

Despite his initial numbness, Abrar eventually broke down as the reality of his mother’s passing sank in, highlighting the profound grief and sense of loss that followed.