Kenya Initiates Visa-Free Entry For All After A Minor Delay

Web DeskJanuary 6, 2024
Kenya Initiates Visa-Free Entry For All After A Minor Delay

NAIROBI – Kenya’s authorities received the initial group of foreign visitors enjoying visa-free entry, marking the implementation of the delayed visa relaxation.

Julius Bitok, Immigration Principal Secretary, confirmed the event, expressing optimism that the eased visa regulations would contribute to doubling tourist arrivals by the close of 2024. He assured that measures had been taken to ensure a smooth and pleasant travel experience to Kenya.

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Bitok pointed out that Kenya typically hosts around 2 million tourists annually, anticipating that the visa relaxation would elevate the number to surpass 5 million.

This development coincided with the launch of Kenya’s latest electronic travel authorization (ETA) system, replacing traditional visas with a simplified online application process requiring a modest $30 processing fee. The new system promises a streamlined entry process for global travelers, allowing a 90-day stay.

In response to the global economic impact of the pandemic on tourism-dependent economies, Kenya’s revised visa policies aim to revive tourist figures to pre-pandemic levels, with the goal of further increasing them.

The Kenyan government claims to have generated $1.8 billion in tourism revenue in 2023. With the latest visa changes, Kenya aspires to reach an annual tourism revenue of $9.5 billion.

Last month, President William Ruto had announced the nation’s decision to eliminate visa requirements for international visitors, effective from January 1. However, the implementation faced a recent delay, attributed to the ongoing development and implementation of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, according to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).


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