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Khaled Anum, Mooroo to Star in ‘The Glassworker’ Urdu Version

Khaled Anum, Mooroo to Star in 'The Glassworker' Urdu Version

With the highly anticipated release of the animated feature film, “The Glassworker,” in cinemas across Pakistan this summer, Mano Animation Studios recently took to its Instagram handle to unveil the cast of voice actors for both the English and Urdu versions.

Directed by Usman Riaz and produced by Mano Animation Studios, “The Glassworker” is an original hand-drawn film featuring anime-inspired visuals, marking it as Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated film. The studio shared a visual featuring the Urdu voice actors, with Khaled Anam portraying Tomas Oliver, Mooroo as Vincent Oliver, and Mariam Paracha as Alliz Amano.

In addition, the studio posted a photo of the English voice actors, including Art Malik as Tomas Oliver, Sacha Dhawan as Vincent Oliver, and Anjli Mohindra as Alliz Amano.

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Fans on social media platforms are eagerly anticipating the film’s release and have drawn comparisons between its animation style and that of Studio Ghibli. One fan on Reddit noted, “While this movie obviously draws significant inspiration from Ghibli, I think it still has quite a few unique elements that differentiate it,” highlighting the incorporation of local cultural elements in the teaser/showreel.

According to Mano Animation Studios, “The Glassworker” narrates the story of Vincent, a young boy, and his father, Tomas, who run the most renowned glass workshop in the country. Their lives are disrupted by an impending war they wish to avoid. The arrival of an army colonel and his talented violinist daughter, Alliz, in their town shakes their reality and challenges the relationship between father and son.

The blossoming love between Vincent and Alliz faces constant challenges due to the differing perspectives of their fathers. Set in a time when patriotism and social status outweigh free thought and artistic pursuits, the film explores themes of love, conflict, and societal expectations.