Khawaja Asif Issues Rs1bn Defamation Notice to Usman Dar, Rehana Dar

Web DeskDecember 28, 2023
Khawaja Asif Issues Rs1bn Defamation Notice to Usman Dar, Rehana Dar

Allegations of Maligning Reputation Spark Legal Action in Sialkot

PML-N stalwart Khawaja Asif has taken legal action against former PTI leader Usman Dar and his mother, Rehana Imtiaz Dar, issuing a Rs1 billion defamation notice.

The notice, citing false allegations made by Dar and his mother, aims to safeguard Asif’s reputation. It demands a hefty sum of Rs1 billion in damages within a 14-day period from both parties involved.

The backdrop to this legal tussle stems from the 2018 elections in Sialkot’s NA-73 constituency, where Asif triumphed over Dar in a closely contested electoral battle.

Recent events escalated tensions as a police raid at Dar’s residence prompted Rehana to accuse Asif of orchestrating the operation, alleging mistreatment by the raiding team. In a poignant video statement, Dar’s mother recounted a distressing intrusion, detailing instances of physical mistreatment, hair-pulling, and damage to her clothing.

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Amidst the turmoil, Rehana disclosed, “Around 20 individuals, allegedly associated with Asif, arrived at my residence following my submission of nomination papers.” She fervently appealed to Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa for intervention.

In response, Asif, representing PML-N, insinuated that Dar might be striving to salvage his waning reputation post his withdrawal from politics.

This legal confrontation marks a sharp turn in the political landscape of Sialkot, intensifying as both sides brace for a protracted legal battle amid allegations and counter-allegations.

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