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Kite Flying Crackdown: Hundreds Arrested in Enforcement Sweep

Kite Flying Crackdown: Hundreds Arrested in Enforcement Sweep

In a concerted effort to maintain public safety during the upcoming Basant festivities, law enforcement authorities have launched a sweeping crackdown against the prohibited activity of kite flying. This initiative has led to the apprehension of over 630 individuals involved in kite-related offenses. Additionally, 681 cases have been filed against kite manufacturers and vendors, with a substantial quantity of illicit materials, including 29,967 kites and chemical strings, seized from the detained individuals.

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Muhammad Hasan Iqbal, the District Police Officer (DPO) of Sialkot, has directed Sub-Divisional Police Officers (SDPOs) across the district to intensify vigilance against kite-flying activities. A comprehensive strategy has been put in place, focusing on public awareness initiatives. Mosques, marketplaces, cable TV, and social media channels are being utilized to educate citizens about the hazards associated with kite flying.

DPO Iqbal emphasized that the primary objective is to prevent any loss of innocent lives and commended the unwavering dedication of the Sialkot Police in combatting this perilous tradition. However, he stressed the importance of public cooperation in ensuring a secure and enjoyable Basant celebration for all.