Kubra Khan Expresses Regret Over 2019 Item Song

Web DeskFebruary 7, 2024
Kubra Khan Expresses Regret Over 2019 Item Song

In a candid interview with host Yasir Hussain, renowned Pakistani actor Kubra Khan, known for her stellar performances in Sang-e-Mar Mar and Alif, shared her unexpected experience with an item number, a feature prevalent in both Bollywood and Pakistani cinema that has sparked debates in recent years. Kubra revealed that her venture into this musical segment was prompted by a misunderstanding.

Recalling the events leading up to her involvement in the item number “Dharak Bharak” in the 2019 film “Superstar” starring Mahira Khan, Kubra explained how she initially perceived it as a cameo appearance in a song for a film within the movie. However, it wasn’t until she reached the set and was shown her attire for the song, a revealing ghagra choli, that she realized she had unwittingly agreed to an item number.

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Despite her efforts to set boundaries on wardrobe choices, Kubra found the experience unpleasant, particularly during the filming of certain scenes where she felt uncomfortable with the objectification inherent in item numbers. Reflecting on her costar Bilal Ashraf’s shirtless appearance in the song, Kubra acknowledged that while she personally didn’t feel objectified, she was keenly aware of the problematic nature of such sequences.

Highlighting the broader issues surrounding item numbers, Kubra emphasized the importance of context and appropriateness in portraying female characters in the industry. She critiqued the often problematic lyrics of such songs, citing examples like Mehwish Hayat’s “Billi” from “Na Maloom Afraad,” and affirmed her decision not to partake in item numbers in the future.

Shifting gears, Kubra opened up about her early days in the industry, admitting her initial unfamiliarity with many industry figures and how it impacted her interactions with celebrities. Despite her newfound fame, she maintained a down-to-earth approach, treating everyone with equal respect.

Discussing her on-screen chemistry with Mahira Khan in the drama series “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay,” Kubra revealed how they bonded over their perceived similarities and shared quirky personalities, fostering a genuine camaraderie on set.

Looking ahead, Kubra expressed her desire to tackle a strong romantic role, reflecting her own overflowing love. However, off-screen, she adopted a pragmatic stance towards love and marriage, choosing to let fate take its course rather than planning for the future.

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