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Lahore Private Schools Warned Regarding Compulsory Annual Funds, Uniform, and Book Purchases

Lahore Private Schools Warned Regarding Compulsory Annual Funds, Uniform, and Book Purchases

The provincial administration in Punjab, particularly in Lahore, has taken a firm stance against private schools engaging in practices deemed unfair to parents. In adherence to The Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance 1984, the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore, Rafia Haider, has issued a notice to the District Registration Authority warning against the collection of additional funds by private schools beyond the mandated monthly fees.


The notice serves as a reminder that private schools are only authorized to charge tuition and admission fees, and they cannot compel parents to purchase uniforms and books from specific vendors. This action aims to prevent the financial burden on parents and ensure fair practices within the private education sector.

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The Deputy Commissioner has directed the Education CEO, Pervez Akhtar, to issue warning notices to all private educational institutions in the district, emphasizing strict compliance with the regulations outlined in the ordinance. Additionally, specific schools, such as LACAS School, have been singled out for allegedly charging additional technology fees and mandating purchases from designated vendors. Consequently, warning notices have been directed towards such institutions for violating the ordinance.

The government’s warning underscores its commitment to upholding transparency and fairness in the education sector, and it has pledged to take further action against any private school found exploiting parents through unauthorized fees or mandates. This proactive approach aims to protect the rights of parents and ensure access to quality education without undue financial burden.