Lahore Traffic Police Crack Down on Helmet Violations

Web DeskDecember 26, 2023
Lahore Traffic Police Crack Down on Helmet Violations

Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Amara Athar, has officially reinstated a stringent crackdown by the traffic police targeting motorcyclists found without helmets, effective immediately.

In a comprehensive press briefing, Athar underscored the substantial impact of enforcing helmet regulations, citing a staggering 2.27 million instances of motorcyclists violating these laws just this year.

Furthermore, the CTO highlighted a notable decline in road accident fatalities within the provincial capital, with this year’s toll resting at 387 lives lost, contrasting with 484 casualties recorded in the preceding year.

Athar proudly disclosed an impressive 90% compliance rate among citizens regarding helmet laws while also hinting at future plans to increase the license fee starting from the upcoming year.

Moreover, illuminating a significant surge in numbers, she reported that over 2.7 million citizens acquired their learner’s permits in 2023, marking a substantial rise from the mere 0.3 million reported in the previous year.

Expanding on their commitment to road safety, the CTO assured the continuance of measures against underage drivers without any form of bias or discrimination.

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