Landslides and Mudslides Block Sections of Karakoram Highway in K-P and G-B

Web DeskAugust 15, 2023

Traversing the picturesque landscapes of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan turned into a challenging endeavor as parts of the famed Karakoram Highway encountered blockages due to landslides and mudslides. This Monday, travel along the highway connecting Punjab to northern regions and ultimately into China was disrupted by natural events.

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Mudflow in Lahore Nullah became the catalyst behind the roadblock near Shangla’s Bisham city, according to Ghulam Abbas, Deputy Director of the National Highway Authority (NHA) in Shangla and Kohistan. Efforts were swiftly initiated to clear the road and restore accessibility.

Further challenges surfaced at road number 428 in G-B’s Diamer district, where a landslide obstructed passage. Frontier Works Organization (FWO) teams took charge of road-clearance operations in the Ginni area.

Additionally, an alternative route connecting G-B to Mansehra, providing an alternative to the Karakoram Highway, met roadblock hurdles at Babusar. However, officials assured that concerted efforts were underway to swiftly restore traffic flow.

Travelers stranded at Lahore Nullah, including tourist Nabeel Ali en route to Skardu, expressed optimism in the swift resolution as FWO teams were deployed. Meanwhile, resident Hayat Khan underscored the broader impact of intense rainfall, which led to power outages and water supply disruptions.

In Rawalpindi, heavy rain prompted proactive measures by Water and Sanitation Agency to manage rainwater drainage. Amidst the challenges, a man’s unfortunate slip into Nullah Lai prompted Rescue 1122 to engage in a search operation.

As these incidents highlight the vulnerabilities of crucial transport arteries, calls resonate for government intervention to address travel-related adversities and safeguard the regions’ connectivity.

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