Landslides Block Hunza-Gilgit Road in Northern Areas of Pakistan: Alternate Route Advised for Travelers

Web DeskJuly 10, 2023

In a setback for commuters and travelers, the Hunza-Gilgit road in the northern areas of Pakistan has been closed at Hassan Abad due to a landslide. The blockage has resulted in the suspension of all types of traffic, causing inconvenience to those relying on this route for transportation.

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The closure of the road has prompted local authorities to suggest an alternative route for travelers. They have advised using the Nagar Sas Valley road, which can be accessed through Ganesh Bridge and Shayar Bridge. This alternative route will help alleviate the disruption caused by the closure of the main Hunza-Gilgit road.

The decision to close the road and divert traffic has been taken as a precautionary measure due to the occurrence of landslides caused by unexpected rainfall in the region. The authorities urge all travelers to exercise caution and drive carefully, keeping in mind the potential risks associated with landslides during inclement weather conditions.

Landslides pose a significant threat to road safety and can result in blockages and potential accidents. It is essential for motorists to remain vigilant and adhere to instructions provided by local authorities. Travelers are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly and allow for additional time to navigate through the alternate route.

The closure of the Hunza-Gilgit road serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in maintaining transportation infrastructure in hilly terrains prone to landslides. The local authorities are working diligently to assess the situation and initiate necessary measures to clear the affected area and restore normal traffic flow as quickly as possible.

Travelers are advised to stay updated with the latest information from local authorities and follow their guidance regarding road closures and alternative routes. The safety and well-being of commuters remain a top priority, and the authorities are committed to ensuring a smooth and secure travel experience for all.

As weather conditions and clearance operations progress, regular updates will be provided to inform the public about the reopening of the Hunza-Gilgit road. In the meantime, travelers are urged to exercise caution and comply with instructions to ensure a safe journey through the alternate route.

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