“Laptop Shehbaz Ka, Vote Imran Ka”: A Unique Campaign Led by Students

Web DeskJuly 17, 2023

Students across the country have launched a distinctive campaign under the slogan “Laptop Shehbaz Ka, Vote Imran Ka.” The movement entails displaying a picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan as the wallpaper on laptops distributed under the PM laptop scheme. This creative initiative by students aims to show support for Imran Khan’s leadership and promote his political party. With the growing use of laptops among students, this campaign has gained momentum and become a symbol of their allegiance to the current government.

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The campaign originated from the PM laptop scheme; a government initiative aimed at providing laptops to students across the country. Under this program, thousands of laptops have been distributed to deserving students, enabling them to access digital resources and enhance their educational experience. However, students have taken this opportunity to express their political support for Imran Khan through a unique display of allegiance.

By setting Imran Khan’s picture as their laptop wallpaper, students aim to symbolize their trust and faith in his leadership. The campaign’s slogan, “Laptop Shehbaz Ka, Vote Imran Ka,” highlights the contrast between the previous government led by Shehbaz Sharif and the current leadership of Imran Khan. It reflects the students’ belief that Imran Khan’s policies and vision are in line with their aspirations and that he deserves their vote in future elections.

The campaign not only serves as a symbol of support but also fosters unity among students who share similar political views. It provides a platform for students to express their political engagement and actively participate in promoting their chosen leader. Displaying Imran Khan’s picture on their laptops serves as a visual reminder of their collective voice and encourages political discussions and debates among peers.

educational institutions. It has become a visible representation of the students’ political stance and their desire for positive change under Imran Khan’s leadership. As the campaign continues to grow, it has the potential to influence and mobilize young voters, shaping their political preferences and encouraging their active participation in the democratic process.

The unique campaign of setting Imran Khan’s picture as the laptop wallpaper under the slogan “Laptop Shehbaz Ka, Vote Imran Ka” showcases the support and loyalty of students towards the Prime Minister. It serves as a powerful expression of their political engagement and unity, creating a visible impact on campuses nationwide. This campaign highlights the importance of students’ active participation in shaping the political landscape of the country and emphasizes their role as the future leaders and decision-makers of Pakistan.

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